Friday, July 27, 2007

What did I do right?

I usually track the milage I'm getting from my car quite religiously. The last few weeks I've been driving around quite a lot, and therefore I have been filling up the tank each time. I buy a thousand bucks worth of premium petrol each time (gives around 22 - 22.2 litres).

The milage I got the last 6 times has been (with AC on 100% of the time) -
  1. 362 km
  2. 368 km
  3. 362 km (this was 1k worth of normal petrol, therefore more litres)
  4. 182 km (with Rs 500 of petrol)
  5. 362 km
  6. 398 km!!
I'm wondering what I did right this time!! This was the first time I've used BPCL Speed (mainly to participate in a lucky draw that has a Mauritius trip as prize on petrol fill up of a thousand bucks). Or maybe it has to do with the fact that a divine power wants to compensate me for the fines I've been paying recently.

Now, in my whole driving life, I have never been fined or had any mishaps. I've been told I drive well. And yet in the last 3 weeks, I have paid out to traffic policemen the following amounts -
  1. Rs 500 (talking on a mobile phone while driving)
  2. Rs 900 (speeding at 71 kmph - the speed limit is apparently 50!!)
  3. Rs 600 (damaged number plate - some retard actually got kicks out of scratching out a character from my number plate)

I dont know if its luck or Delhi police in need of funds. Any which way, I'm a more careful driver this week!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More creativity

Sarayu had this to say:

called vishesh there was a boy
to bother he had a ploy
sent rhymes unbid
distract it did
That alone gave him joy

And in return I said:

went to the zoo
she saw a lion
who was the scion
of the king of timbuctoo!

Dominic added -
in a short haikoo
i could envelope
all your develop-
ment needs too

This thing is addicitve :-)

Ridiculous rhymes

Andre's profile on orkut is frequently refreshed with some poetry. This is what he has there currently (among other things):

A man of Chicago named Young,
Who once, when his nerves were unstrung,
Put his mother (unseen)
In the chopping-machine,
And canned her and labelled her "Tongue"

Quite macabre!! But this led me to google for limericks, and here is one collection of truly wacky stuff:

A sample of the stuff on offer:

There was this bizarre young fella
Who had a magic umbrella.
When he went on a plane,
And the engine caught flame,
His umbrella became a propella

I know this strange young lass
Whose body is made of glass.
Whe she stands in a queue
She does not block the view,
But she's still no easier to walk past

I have this friend called "Stink"
Who would wash his brain in the sink.
But the daily routine
Of keeping it clean
Played havoc with his ability to think

I once met a friend of Ned's,
Who had one hundred heads.
For the body to walk,
The heads had to talk
About who had control of the legs

And more risque stuff:

There was a young man from Australia
With incredibly huge genitallia.
He went off to France
For some extra large pants,
And they said "when we get some, we'll mail-ya"

I think I should try my hand at writing some :-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Getting there... but when?

These days I spend a lot of time driving to and fro Gurgaon. It takes me about 35 minutes to cover a 30km stretch from home to Gurgaon, and then another 40 minutes to get to the office building in Gurgaon (a distance of some 2 kms). And this is no matter what time I leave home (I've tried 30 minute intervals starting 7:30 am to 9am). The reason is quite silly - there is one particular stretch of road which is all broken down and frequently gets waterlogged, stopping all flow of traffic on it.
Another time I was stuck at the airport in Mumbai for over 12 hours, not able to fly out as Indian flights were not leaving due to low visibility, and not able to leave the airport because the access road was totally under water and no vehicle could pass (this was quite an experience and probably deserves a blog post of its own!!)
I do feel quite often that infrastructure in Delhi has improved by leaps and bounds. Travelling on the newly done up NH8 is quite a pleasure! But even this 8 lane expressway gets bottlenecked each morning and evening, due to a very very silly reason - a couple of toll gates bang at the mouth of the expressway(operated manually, and with no system for disaggregation of commercial vehicles and other vehicles).
I'm quite optimistic about infrastructure in India in general. For example, I find the Metro quite convenient and comfortable to travel in Delhi. I find the new airport terminal for private airlines in Bombay also quite easy to navigate. What I don't get though is the 'last mile' or last detail lapses that skew the experience so much. I wonder why we are poor as a nation in designing systems? I can confidently assert that the average Indian is smarter than the average Japanese, but Japanese systems are far superior to ours. Perhaps it has to do with our education - we learn more theory and less application based stuff (at least that's what I felt all through till I went to IIT).
I'm sure all these niggling lapses will eventually be sorted out. What I'm not sure about is when this will happen? And what can I do to expedite the process??