Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thoughts in a New Year

A New Year, and a new day, week, month, and if you so believe, even new decade. A time to sit back, relax and count the innumerable pleasures of life. A time to feel the privilege, bask in joy and burst with happiness :-)

Worries on the horizon? I can not recall a single day when I was not worried about something or the other. One year out, I don't even remember 95% of the things I was worried about - feels funny that such trivial inanities should fill 95% of my waking thoughts. When I count my joys, my reasons to be happy, I find I discount them very quickly. Life moves on instantaneously towards the next goal, the next struggle, the next trivial pursuit. How much of this do I really care about? How much of this do I desire? How much can I do without? Mostly all.

The fundamental bedrock of needs - health, safety, family, friends, freedom - are all present in abundance and for free. It is up to me to savour these or take them for granted. I hope I can make the right choice!

Happy new year :-)


Anonymous said...

You are right, we have everything we need to be happy. Our sole responsibility is to use this luxury to live each moment the way we want to. Worries arise when we keep working towards an uncertain and unclear 'better' tomorrow.

Have a great new year. May you take the time to enjoy what you have.

Anonymous said...

u missed a fundamental bedrock...good food...that seems to be in so much abundance meeting family and friends over the last one month...bursting with happiness at the seams, for sure :)